The UNE 19604:2023 standard establishes general guidelines for the implementation of a Management system for socio-labour compliance. The UNE 19604:2023 certification standard helps companies to standardise the application of current social and labour legislation, facilitate compliance and avoid infringements.

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What are the objectives of UNE 19604:2023 certification?

UNE 19604:2023 certification allows your company to comply with the following: 

  • Guarantee the correct application of current social and labour legislation.
  • Prevent and avoid legal non-compliance in the social and labour context.
  • Generate security among the participants of the organisations.

Main requirements of UNE 19604:2023

The UNE 19604:2023 standard applies to management and control systems for social and occupational risks, establishing the requirements and guidelines in accordance with Spanish legislation. The standard is applicable to the following areas:

  • Constitutional rights in the organisation: equality and non-discrimination.
  • Individual work relationship: labour rights.
  • Collective labour relations.
  • Social protection.
  • Any other obligation of a socio-labour nature that the company is obliged to comply with.

Benefits of UNE 19604:2023

Obtaining the UNE 19604:2023 management system for socio-labour compliance has the following advantages for your company:

  • Preserving the commitment to social and labour legislation and its application.
  • Minimise the risks related to non-compliance with the established legal framework.
  • Generate greater trust among stakeholders.
  • Improve corporate governance.

Who is this standard aimed at?

Any company, regardless of its size or activity. Public bodies and non-profit organisations are also included. 

Why certify the UNE 19604:2023 with Applus+ Certification? 

Applus+ Certification is an independent entity of recognised prestige that aims to help organisations achieve their commitment to continuous improvement.

We analyse the needs of our clients so that our auditors, specialists in each sector of activity, can provide a service that provides maximum value when assessing your organisation's compliance.

Our teams develop specific certification plans based on our clients' structure, processes and activities.

Our international presence, extensive product portfolio and accreditations enable us to provide a global, expert service tailored to your organisation's needs.

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