ISO 30415 can guide companies that hope to fulfil their commitment to diversity and inclusion, a vital step to developing an inclusive organization and improving performance.

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What is the ISO 30415? 

The ISO 30415 guides and helps companies develop an inclusive workplace, through its continuous commitment to diversity and inclusion (D&I). It addresses inequalities and discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, race, age, disability, or any other type in the organization's systems, policies, processes and practices. This standard helps companies employ tools to contextualize, manage and promote inclusion strategically and cross-functionally from within.   

Who can apply for ISO 30415 Certification:  

This certification applies to any organization (private, public, governmental or non-profit) that hopes to demonstrate commitment to D&I by developing an inclusive workplace policy. The ISO 30415 provides guidance and methodology on:   

  1. Diversity Recognition   
  2. Effective inclusive governance   
  3. Accountability and executing ethically and socially responsible   
  4. Working and communicating inclusively in an accessible and respectful environment.  
  5. Advocacy and diversity promotion through corporate organization and relevant stakeholders. 

ISO 30415 benefits  

There are several studies detailing the benefits of inclusion and diversity in companies. Among them, achieving better business results and higher innovation revenues due to higher integrated diversity in leadership teams.   

Companies that opt for ISO 30415 certification will have the following benefits:   

  • Regulatory compliance with equality and diversity legislation. This is linked to the Gender Equality Index, operated by Bloomberg LP.  
  • Alignment with the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):  (5) Gender equality  (8) Decent work and economic growth   (10) Reducing inequality
  • An opportunity to identify D&I objectives, opportunities and risks, actions, measures, outcomes and impacts. 

Why certify with Applus+ Certification? 

As an independent and prestigious entity, Applus+ Certification helps organizations achieve their commitment to continuous improvement.

We analyze our clients' needs so that our auditors can provide a high-valued service aimed to improve companies environmental, social and governance goals.

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