Applus17 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR_A17) is a benchmark developed by Applus+ in response to the business sector’s need for a reference framework to evaluate organizations that build and care for a healthy and sustainable environment. In other words, those that manage the impacts of their activity on their customers, shareholders, employees, the environment and society at large; those that comply with national and international law in the labour, environmental, social and human rights fields.

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As established by the WHO, workers’ health, safety and well-being is an organization’s pillar of productivity, competitiveness and sustainability. However, being socially responsible doesn’t just mean complying with legal requirements, but going one step further and investing in human capital, in the environment and in relations with other stakeholders; it means going beyond the prevention of occupational risks and managing health at work from a global, ecological and participatory approach.
According to this scheme, Corporate Social Responsibility is built in two environments:

  • Internal: mainly related to the worker — human resources management, health and safety at work.
  • External: referring to collaboration with the community, the environment, suppliers and customers — to ensure the protection of human rights and the global environment.

Within these two environments, internal and external, the certification scheme can be structured in different ways, as long as the necessary results can be obtained to comply with a series of indicators structured in four large blocks.

  • Block 1: General
  • Block 2: HR (composed of 4 sub-blocks: PRL, Labour, Health and Ethical Code)
  • Block 3: Environment
  • Block 4: Community 


CSR A17 aims to empower organizations, regardless of size, sector or location, to voluntarily orientate, coordinate and unify the standards and/or applicability of the legal requirements that apply to them. Its other objective is to increase the transparency of organizations in the labour, environmental, social and human rights fields.


  • Ensure legal compliance
  • Reduce costs
  • Generate customer confidence by ensuring the good management of the data entrusted to the organization
  • Benefit from the certification’s international recognition
  • Develop a competitive advantage for the company
  • Improve the efficiency of the organization


Any company, regardless of its size or activity, can be certified under this particular scheme.



Applus+ Certification is an independent and reputable organization that aims to help other entities achieve their commitment to continuous improvement. We analyze the needs of our clients so that our auditors, specialists in each sector of activity, can provide a service that brings the maximum value when assessing compliance in your organization. Our teams develop specific certification plans according to the structure, processes and activities of our clients.

Our international presence, extensive product portfolio and accreditations enable us to provide a global, expert service tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

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