Independent verification of Global Reporting Initiative sustainability reports





Organizations are under increasing pressure regarding their activities' impact on society and the environment. Guiding the process to collect data, analyze it and report it to society allows organizations to manage the risks arising from their activity, protect their reputation, and prove their public commitment to transparency and social, economic and environmental responsibility.

What are GRI sustainability reports?

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is a nonprofit organization that promotes sustainable development and develops standards to evaluate an organization's activities using management, economic, environmental, social, labor practices and decent work, respect for human rights, and product manufacturing indicators.
The verification of these reports must be performed by an independent body that evaluates the contents of the report, the evidence of the data it contains and the methodology applied.
As a result of this evaluation, and based on the number of indicators and its outcome, the verifying entity gives the report a score and issues a certificate of conformity and the GRI seal for corporate use.

Benefits of GRI reports

  • Improve the external image, contributing to the organization's transparency
  • Improve communication with stakeholders (government, shareholders, clients, consumers, workers, neighbors, etc.)
  • Get a set of environmental and social indicators of your activities, products and services, which allow your organization's continuous improvement
  • Can be complemented with other quality, environment and occupational health and safety certifications

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