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What is IFS Logistics Certification?

IFS Logistics is a scheme that allows for auditing logistics based on product quality and safety. Thanks to this standard, trade and industry have a common objective: to achieve transparency and traceability throughout the entire distribution chain. Specifically, the standard has been developed to evaluate all areas of logistics, such as storage, distribution, transport, and loading and unloading.

What are the advantages of IFS Logistics certification?

If you certify your company according to IFS Logistics, you can benefit from:

  • Increased sales
  • The reduction of operating costs and an increase in efficiency
  • Continuous improvement driven by the scoring system
  • Individual risk assessments
  • And customised solutions.

Objectives of IFS Logistics Certification

The scheme applies to both food and non-food products:

  • Packaged food products.
  • Specific food products in bulk.
  • Temperature-controlled products (meat, fish, bread, milk, oil, etc.).
  • Non-food products for domestic use and personal care, packaging, textiles, etc.

Who should use IFS Logistics?

You should obtain IFS Logistics certification if your company is dedicated to any of the following services:

  • Storage and transport of containers or bulk materials in lorries, trains, planes, ships, or silos/grain elevators.
  • Cold chain – frozen or refrigerated.
  • Freezing and thawing as a service (under specific conditions).
  • Fruit ripening.
  • Dry storage.
  • Warehouse.
  • Distribution centre.
  • Distribution of food services to restaurants or airports.
  • Storage and distribution of non-food products.

How do you obtain IFS Logistics Certification?

The Applus+ Certification’s auditors are accredited by IFS Logistics to conduct audits and assess the following aspects:

  • Management responsibility.
  • Quality and product safety management system.
  • Resource management.
  • Service delivery.
  • Measurements, analysis, and improvements.
  • Product defence and external inspections.

We thoroughly analyse the needs of our clients so that our auditors can provide a service of maximum value in our IFS certifications, specifically IFS Logistics, to ensure they comply with a common standard and a uniform evaluation system.

Why obtain IFS Logistics certification with Applus+ Certification?

Applus+ Certification is an independent and renowned entity that aims to help organisations achieve their commitment to continuous improvement.

We analyse the needs of our clients so that our auditors, specialists in each sector of activity, provide a service that offers maximum value when evaluating compliance within their organisation.

Our teams develop specific certification plans based on the structure, processes, and activities of our clients.

Our international presence, extensive product portfolio, and accreditations allow us to provide a global, expert service tailored to the needs of your organisation.

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