We certify self-control systems for the export of food of animal origins to third countries with different requirements to those in the EU.

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What is SAE?  


Export requirements in European Union countries are unified under the same regulations. This is not the case when we want to export to other countries. The Audited System of Specific Self-controls (SAE) was created with the publication and entry into force of Royal Decree 993/2014, of 28 November. In this, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food obliges companies to implement a self-control system for the export of food of animal origin to third countries that demand different requirements to those of the European Union regulations. In addition, this system must be certified by an accredited Independent Control Body, such as Applus+ Certification*.

Who can obtain SAE certification?  


  • Final Producer Establishments (FPE) intending to export food of animal origin intended for human consumption, directly or through other commercial operators, to a country with different requirements to those applicable to trade within the European Union.
  • Establishments wishing to be proposed by MAPA to third countries that require their inclusion in lists of approved establishments as a prerequisite for export.  


What is the benefit of SAE certification?  


The SAE certificate guarantees that exports of food of animal origin destined for human consumption are examined and comply with all the requirements demanded by each country.  Therefore, the certificate guarantees that all export procedures are properly followed.   

Where to consult the requirements to be fulfilled by an EDC and the inspection body?     


The requirements that must be fulfilled by the SAE implemented by the companies, as well as the requirements demanded to the Independent Control Bodies (ICO) to carry out the audits are included in the normative document of this certification scheme, elaborated by the Veterinary Certification Committee for export, "Protocol for the certification of specific self-control systems for export to third countries with requirements different from the intra-community ones", and its annexes "Classification-certificates PR_EXP" and "Classification-requirements PR-EXP".   

The harmonised criteria for veterinary attestations for animal diseases required in food export certificates are laid down in the DVR document PR-EXP. Updated versions of these documents can be found on this page. 


Why choose Applus+ Certification?   


Applus+ Certification is an independent, nationally and internationally recognised certification body. Our aim is to help organisations achieve their commitment to continuous improvement.   

We analyse our clients' needs in depth so that our auditors can provide a service of maximum value in our ADC certifications and can help organisations to guarantee their exports of foodstuffs of animal origin.   

*Applus+ Certification (LGAI TECHNOLOGICAL CENTER S.A.) is a product certification body authorised and accredited by ENAC (no. 12-CPR-040) as an Independent Control Body, within the scope of Royal Decree 993/2014, of 28 November, which establishes the procedure and requirements for official veterinary certification for export.

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