The IFS Broker scheme audits the compliance of commercial agencies, importers and brokers with regard to product quality and safety, filling the gap between food producers and distributors.

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The objective is to assess how companies select and/or manage their suppliers and how they can comply with traceability, product recalls and other specific customer requirements. Agents, importers and brokers must, in turn, monitor the compliance of their suppliers to ensure that products comply with the agreed legal and contractual specifications. Their responsibilities are: the assurance of the manufacturer's information/specifications, product description (temperature, batch, ...), the assurance of the customer's individual requirements and that of their own legal requirements, both in the country of production and in the product’s destination country. IFS Broker audits are carried out by Applus+ Certification auditors who evaluate the following points:


  • Management responsibility
  • Quality and product safety management systems
  • Product management
  • Measurements, analyses and improvements
  • Food/product defence assessment


The duration of the audits is influenced by factors like the number and scopes of the products traded; how many countries of origin/destinations they work with; how many employees work in the audited offices; possible combinations with other standards such as IFS Food or IFS Logistic, and so on. 


  • Reduces the general costs and time required of both suppliers and distributors
  • Ensures transparency throughout processes
  • Minimises the time required to rework or return non-compliant products 
  • Reduces the number and costs of audits/inspections of the Broker's customers
  • Independent third-party audits (uniform assessment systems) 
  • Improves reputation (as a supplier of safe and quality products) through the use of the IFS logo and certificate
  • Controls compliance with the regulations related to the products marketed



This certification is aimed at all individuals or companies, whether or not they are the owners of a product where in most cases there is no physical possession of the products, who want to provide guarantees to their customers that the appropriate measures have been implemented for the service offered, and that their suppliers are working in accordance with the quality and safety requirements of the product.

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