Applus+ Certification offers certification services for the Global Carbon Council (GCC), the voluntary program for the certification of projects that generate carbon credits.

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What is the Global Carbon Council (GCC) program?

The Global Carbon Council (GCC) is the leading scheme for the certification and validation of carbon management projects. Ensures that climate finance strategies related to carbon management meet high standards of transparency, credibility and environmental integrity.

Global Carbon Council (GCC) program objectives

Through the Global Carbon Council (GCC) companies contribute to the global reduction of their carbon footprint on a voluntary basis and take a step towards implementing projects to mitigate climate change. This also contributes to the Paris Agreement goal of reducing the global average temperature to 2oC (1.5oC where possible).

Its objectives include:

  • Support the implementation of emissions reduction projects.
  • Develop specific methodologies for calculations and monitoring.
  • Collaborate with the carbon credit market.
  • Certify the quality of carbon credit generating projects.
  • Communicate climate actions at a global level by creating a compendium of climate actions.

How to get certified by the Global Carbon Council (GCC)?

To obtain Global Carbon Council certification the following steps must be followed:

  • Upload initial documents for GCC validation.
  • Public consultation.
  • Engage a third party certification entity.
  • Project registration process (project verification)
  • Process of periodic verifications of the project's TCO2eq (emission reduction verification).

Benefits of obtaining Global Carbon Council (GCC) certification with Applus+ Certification

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals in conducting audits and preparing validation and verification reports in this scheme.

We are a European certifier with international prestige that has validated and verified services in more than 60 countries.

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