Certification of individuals and organisations under International Standard SGE 900:2016.

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The business world requires professionals and managers who, in addition to being specialists in their particular fields of expertise, have the skills required to take decisions based on key business factors. SGE 900:2011 certification guarantees that these professionals possess the requisite skills and competencies to manage and develop their businesses.
At the same time, our system of economic relations requires companies to be responsible and committed to the legal and appropriate use of resources. It is also important for companies to be in regulatory, criminal, legal and management compliance, vis-à-vis their customers and third parties, which is achieved through a risk assessment and prevention process and the implementation of a culture of ethics and integrity. SGE 900:2016 certification is an indispensable tool through which to demonstrate a company’s commitment, differentiation and quality in this increasingly standardised and global market.

What is SGE 900:2016 expert business management certification for professionals?

International Standard SGE 900 is a globally recognised standard for expert business management and decision making across all sectors of activity. Its goal is to enable professionals working directly or indirectly in the sphere of corporate leadership, management and decision making to develop and enhance their qualifications, competitiveness, productivity and innovation skills.
SGE 900 certification enables the individuals in question to demonstrate that they possess the required skills, competencies and other criteria to take decisions through the management of critical business processes (markets, offerings, customers, activities and people).
By way of an independent, external audit, certified individuals gain public recognition for their professional decision-making competencies as well as their ability to manage and implement corrective, preventive, monitoring and improvement processes related to the decisions taken.

Key benefits for professionals

  • Confers a sense of prestige, transparency and reliability on certified professionals to the benefit of their companies, their clients and society in general
  • Provides guarantees regarding their professional ability and helps to avoid the legal risks inherent in the exercising of their professional activities
  • Guarantees the existence of a method and model through which data on critical business aspects is collected, interpreted and analysed
  • Opens up new customers and new markets thanks to the international recognition of the endorsement

What is SGE 900:2016 compliance certification for companies?

International Standard SGE 900 establishes the relevant criteria and requirements for company compliance. It is founded on a platform of risk control and regulatory and management compliance in critical business processes (markets, offerings, customers, activities and people). SGE 900 certifies a company for integrity and ethical compliance in the eyes of third parties and the sector at large.
By way of an independent, external audit, certified companies gain public recognition for their management of their criminal, legal and operational risks as well as for the measures, processes and procedures put in place to limit and monitor these risks.

Key benefits for companies

  • Gives the company a seal of integrity, transparency and reliability
  • Establishes a risk prevention and control mechanism for legal and corporate governance compliance, which is both visible to and recognised by public authorities and other third parties
  • Constitutes a mark of prestige for the company vis-à-vis its suppliers, customers, staff and society in general, helping it to set itself apart from its competitors and providing assurances regarding its business operations
  • Opens up new customers and new markets thanks to the international recognition of the endorsement

Why certify with Applus+ Certification?

Applus+ is the sole certification body accredited to certify under the SGE 900 standard for corporate compliance and the SGE 900 standard for expert business management for managers and professionals.
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