Arrozúa S.C.A. entrusts Applus+ Certification with the renewal of its IFS Food and BRC Global Standard for Food Safety certificates


    The company improved its grade from B to A in the BRC certification. 

    The presentation of the certificates took place on the 24th of September during the Andalucía Sabor festival in which Arrozúa S.C.A. was exhibiting. Representatives of Applus+ Certification presented the certificates to the Technical Director, Sara Llopis, and the Arrozúa Quality Manager, Esperanza Cañestro.

    Arrozúa S.C.A. is a cooperative located in the town of Isla Mayor (Seville), dedicated to the drying, storage, processing, distribution and marketing of rice. According to the Quality Manager, Esperanza Cañestro, renewing the IFS and BRC certificates “commits us to constantly monitoring and improving the whole production process, meaning that our product is produced and packaged with the highest guarantee of food safety and quality”. This year, Arrozúa S.C.A. improved its grade in the BRC certification from a B grade to an A grade, just one level below the maximum AA rating in scheduled audits. 


    The Andalusian company has entrusted Applus+ Certification to certify its food and agriculture standards since 2013. Arrozúa highlights that the renewal of the IFS and BRC certificates “brings a lot of recognition for the effort that it entails and opens doors in both national and international markets.”

    In addition to these food and agriculture certifications, Arrozúa S.C.A. has also been certified to the Applus+ ISO 14001 standard for Environmental Management Systems, achieving a high level of excellence without any instances of non-conformity. 


    Large distribution chains often require all of their suppliers to have IFS Food certification. Developed by German, French and Italian distribution chains, this standard aims to regulate the processing and/or packaging of food to ensure the quality and food safety standards of the final products. 

    The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety certification was created by large British distribution chains and allows companies to enter the British market. It is a supplier evaluation system which aims to guarantee that consumers receive safe, high-quality food.