Certification of an organisation’s environmental management system under Mexican standard.

The certification of an environmental management system to NMX-SAA-14001-IMNC-2004 standard aims to minimise a company’s environmental impact through seeking a balance between product profitability and the environment. This Mexican standard helps organisations to develop and implement policies and processes that take into account legal and documentary requirements concerning the environment.

What is NMX-SAA-14001-IMNC-2004 certification?

This Mexican standard is an adaptation of ISO 14001:2004, as approved by the country’s Ministry of the Environment, Natural Resources and Fishing and the Ministry of the Economy’s Department for Standards. Its goal is to guide organisations in implementing environmental management systems that ensure cleaner, more environmentally friendly processes. In order to achieve this, it sets out a series of management requirements that will help the organisation in question to achieve its environmental and financial targets.
To obtain NMX-SAA-14001-IMNC-2004 certification, an organisation must undergo an initial, on-site document review (Stage I) with a view to determining the certification scope and how the system is implemented . An on-site certification audit is then carried out on the basis of the resulting information (Stage II). Following the evaluation of the environmental management system, the chief auditor makes a recommendation to the relevant certification body (which must be accredited by EMA, Mexico’s accreditation entity). It is ultimately the decision of this certification body as to whether or not to issue the certificate.

Key benefits

  • Reduces production costs by limiting the consumption of electricity, gas, water and other utilities
  • Reduces the organisation’s carbon footprint
  • Reduces waste through the efficient use of resources
  • Saves money through lower insurance premiums
  • Generates public recognition as a responsible, environmentally friendly organisation
  • Helps to detect and prevent environmental incidents
  • Enhances the relationship between public bodies and local communities
  • Boosts environmental awareness among staff
  • Integrates the organisation’s various management systems
  • Generates customer confidence

Why certify with Applus+ Certification?

Applus+ Certification is a prestigious independent body that was established to help organisations achieve their aim of continuous improvement. We assess the specific needs of our clients so that our auditors, who specialise in the sectors in question, can add maximum value while evaluating an organisation’s compliance.
Our teams of professionals draw up customised certification plans taking into account client structures, processes and areas of activity. Our global presence, extensive product portfolio and wide-ranging accreditations enable us to provide our clients with a comprehensive, expert and tailormade service.

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