ISO 37001 is the international standard that establishes the methodology to be followed for the prevention, detection and reaction to bribery within an organization.  It considers both bribery based on the employee's own benefit and bribery committed by the company. 

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Beyond the legal aspects, the practice of bribery involves a series of negative consequences for companies in the long term. Among them:  

  • Loss of confidence from both customers and investors
  • Not being able to efficiently run the business due to the loss of control over available resources
  • Spread of a bad reputation

The implementation of a management system based on ISO 37001 promotes an anti-bribery culture at all levels of the organization's structure. This certification provides tools to prevent, detect and deal with the risks inherent to bribery. 



The standard can be applied to any company of any size, while public sector bodies and non-profit organizations can also be certified under ISO 37001.  Benefits of ISO 37001:

  • Builds confidence
  • Provides assurances to stakeholders (customers, investors etc.) as an external entity certifies compliance with the standard’s requirements 
  • Improves the company’s public image
  • Facilitates operations in foreign markets as it is an internationally recognized standard 
  • Reduces the likelihood of resources being used for corrupt activities


Why Applus+ Certification?

Applus+ Certification is part of the Applus+ Group and specializes in the certification of management systems. We operate under the principles of independence and impartiality and, with this certification, we help clients and organizations to fight corruption and bribery by certifying rigorous compliance with the requirements of the standard. Our audit team for ISO 37001 audits is always mixed and consists of expert auditors in management systems and criminal lawyers with extensive experience in working with companies.


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