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This certification aims to verify the implementation of hygiene processes and methodologies that:

  • Raise employee awareness regarding the implemented measures in the workplace.
  • Consider good practices in the subject.
  • Incorporate the necessary testing to demonstrate the hygienic conditions of the workplace through different biological markers.

Certification process

Preliminary Phase: The client organization will send the documentation regarding the implemented system, which will contain, at least, the following:

  1. Hygiene and Control protocol based on the SPC of Hygiene and Control Protocols from Applus+ Certification.
  2. Identification of the risk areas and surfaces and a route map of the exposition and transmission routes.
  3. List of critical sample-collection points for testing.
  4. Efficiency check-up of the implementation of hygiene and disinfection processes and methodologies according to the results from the monitoring.
  5. Depending on the system to be certified:
    • Hygiene and Monitoring Systems. Application of monitoring programs:
      • Sample collection to validate the efficiency of the cleaning and disinfection procedures on surfaces for its testing in specialized laboratories.
      • Testing of samples to determine the presence or absence of the target virus or other microorganisms at the time of the sample collection.
      • ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) on-site analysis as a sample’s biological activity marker.
    • Hygiene and Air Quality Systems. On top of the requirements for Hygiene and Monitoring Systems, an advanced hygienic security monitoring program is to be applied:
      • Sample collection and analysis of aerobic/mesophilic microorganisms in surfaces.
      • Measurements of the interior air quality according to parameters such as particles smaller than 2.5 ppm, carbon dioxide, and thermohygrometric comfort.

Phase 1: Review of the documentation regarding the system developed by the organization. This phase can be conducted on-site if the client wants to.

Phase 2: On-site audit. During this phase, we verify the implementation of the system established by the organization at their installations as well as the monitoring, testing, and measuring conducted.

Phase 3: The Certification Committee makes a decision and, depending on the result issues the corresponding certificate.

Program benefits

  • Generate trust among employees, clients, and users of the organization.
  • Contribute to minimizing the risk to society.
  • Have an independent entity verify the implementation of the hygiene and air quality systems of the organization.

Who can obtain the certification?

Any company or organization, from the public or private sector, that has implemented hygiene and control protocols and wants to generate trust in their clients and employees through an external evaluation carried out by an independent entity like Applus+.

Why choose Applus+ Certification to obtain a certificate?

Our teams of auditors are specialists in their activity sectors in order to grant the maximum value when auditing your organization. At Applus+ Certification, we help our clients in the continuous improvement of their internal guidelines and protocols.

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