Applus+ Certification offers IFS ESG Check audits, a sustainability assessment tool for food companies


    The Applus+ Certification team is now qualified to conduct audits for the new IFS ESG Check food scheme in Spain.

    As the global demand for food reaches it’s all time high, so does the increase in waste and greenhouse emissions. Sustainability has never been as prominent for the food industry, and this is where IFS ESG Check comes into play. 

    As an assessment tool, the IFS ESG Check scheme helps agri-food companies optimize the sustainability of their processes. 

    What is an IFS ESG Check?  

    Developed by IFS (International Featured Standards), the IFS ESG Check standard is an environmental, social and governance (ESG) implementation diagnosis for small and mid-sized companies. It also helps companies set a solid foundation to build their sustainability management, identify potential risks and plan further commitment.  

    How to get IFS ESG Check: 

    First, companies complete a self-assessment to determine their current situation according to ESG parameters. This information is then verified by an independent and authorized entity auditor to certify that it’s substantial and reliable. 

    Thanks to its ability to perform IFS ESG Check audits, Applus+ Certifications brings added value to its IFS standard related services

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