Applus+, Spanish leader in emissions and CDM verification


    Applus+ Certification consolidates its position as a leading Spanish provider of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and greenhouse gas emission verification services under the European Union Emissions Trading System and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

    Applus+ is the body that validated and verified the most Spanish projects in 2012. These projects were based primarily in China, Latin America and Africa and involved the development of wind energy and hydropower.

    Greenhouse gas emissions

    In Europe, those companies responsible for the most emissions have restrictive emissions quotas imposed on them in accordance with the international agreements signed up to by the countries in which they operate. As such, these companies are subject to external audits to check their greenhouse gas emissions and so ensure their compliance with the quotas in force in the countries in question.

    Clean Development Mechanisms (CDMs)

    Within the emissions trading programme, companies covered by Spain’s National Allocation Plan can offset some of their CO2 emissions by participating in clean energy projects in developing countries – so-called Clean Development Mechanisms.