Validation and verification of emission reduction projects under the voluntary scheme of Gold Standard

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Voluntary carbon offsetting schemes allow companies of every part of the world to generate and to commercialize carbon credits, which are equivalent to an emission reduction of one tone of CO. As a result of this, companies highly demonstrate their commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to the global warming process.
Voluntary emission trading schemes work in line with the principles defined by UNFCCC In this way, companies are capable to offset their emissions under an internationally recognized standard.

What is Gold Standard (GS)? 

Gold Standard (GS) constitutes one of the voluntary emission trading schemes more world widely established and internationally recognized.GS projects are performed in line with the technical requirements that have been defined by UNFCCC. In order to generate Voluntary Emission Reduction Units (VER’s), every project needs to be validated and verified by an entity that shall be accredited by UNFCCC. Since 2013, Applus+ Certification is performing the validation and verification of projects under Gold Standard.
GS works under a rigorous scheme guaranteeing that the projects to be registered are in compliance with the principles of additionality, transparency and traceability. This means that the project would not have been constructed without the incentives which are resulted from the carbon credits. In addition, it is indispensable to assure that the generated emissions are lower than the ones generated in the case the project had not been constructed.



  • Guarantee of transparency and reliability within the global process of evaluation and registry.
  • Demonstrate the commitment with regard to gas emission reductions which are responsible for the global warming process.
  • Greenhouse gas emission reductions take on economic value.

Why with Applus+ Certification?

Applus+ Certification is an independent and renowned entity that aims to help organizations achieve their commitment to continuous improvement.We analyze the clients' needs so that our auditors, who are specialists in each field, perform a service that provides the maximum value evaluating your organization's compliance.
Our teams develop specific certification plans according to our clients' structure, processes and activities.Our international presence, extensive product portfolio, and accreditations allow us to offer global and expert service, tailored to your organization's needs.
For more information and documentation about GS validation and verification projects follow this link. Once there select the entity UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) and then the procedure 2018 GS/GS4GG Project List
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