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What is the UNE-ISO 22320 standard? 


The UNE-ISO 22320 international standard was created to help organisations to act in the best possible way when facing any type of emergency (crisis, interruptions and disasters).

The multiple roles for responding to an incident are shared between organisations and agencies, with different levels of responsibilities for the private sector and the government. Therefore, all the parts involved must be guided in order to prepare and implement effective responses in case of emergency. This international standard allows the organisations involved to operate at an optimal joint effectiveness, minimising damages.

Who can obtain the UNE-ISO 22320 certification?


The UNE-ISO 22320 is applicable to any organisation, whether private, public, governmental or not-for-profit. More specifically, the certification can be obtained by those organisations involved in preparing for or providing response to incidents at international, national, regional or local level.

This includes organisations in charge of preventing incidents, developing coordination plans, developing information and communication systems, communicating with the public, etc.


What does the UNE- ISO 22320 certification bring to a company?  


When organisations certify their Emergency Management System with the ISO 22320 standard, they can show legislators, regulatory bodies and clients that they comply with good practices of emergency management and response to incidents. In addition, they obtain a series of benefits such as:

  • Risk reduction, which translates into reduced costs, reduced time of inactivity and improved competitiveness.
  • Higher operative effectiveness: business re-engineering
  • Protection of material goods and business “know how”.
  • Improved compliance with the Health and Safety legislation
  • Improved Global Safety.

Why become the UNE- ISO 22320 certified with Applus+ Certification?  


Applus+ Certification is an independent body of recognised prestige both at a national and international level. Our goal is to help organisations to fulfil their commitment to continuous improvement.

We analyse the needs of our clients in depth so our auditors can carry out the best service possible when verifying compliance with the UNE- ISO 22320 standard and thus improve citizens' safety and security.

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