Quality certification for the management of day and night centres. 

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The UNE 158201 standard establishes the minimum requirements to be met by all residential centres (both public and private) that provide services only during the day, only during the night or at both day and night. The objective is to ensure that people receive quality service. The introduction of the Law for the Promotion of Personal Autonomy and Care for Dependency (Ley de Promoción de la Autonomía Personal y Atención) represents a great opportunity to establish a new quality management model for each of the services provided in social and health centres alike. 

This standard defines the requirements and the minimum level of service provision that day and night centres must meet, to satisfy the needs of both users and family members, as well as other stakeholders that may be considered relevant. All centres that provide this service, regardless of their model, size or management structure, can adopt UNE 158201 as the basis for their management and, based on it, develop complementary improvement processes to achieve excellence in centre management. 

It is important to note that this standard can be seamlessly integrated with other types of quality or social responsibility standards. 


Benefits of UNE 158201 

  • It serves to facilitate both the determination and the control and monitoring of legislation and other applicable regulations 
  • It provides a model to facilitate more efficient management of the services provided 
  • It provides a powerful management system of measurement indicators and process improvement in a uniform and systematized way 
  • It values the work carried out by each of the professionals who provide their services in each of the centres 
  • It provides the basis for achieving the satisfaction of users, family members and other interested parties 


The participation in the development of this standard - by both public administrations and organizations representing the sector - allows it to be very well recognised. UNE 158201 allows administrations and external managers to have standardised and systematised models. This facilitates both control and monitoring, as well as the transparency and improvement model of each of the centres. The standard facilitates the channelling and implementation of all applicable legal requirements, as well as facilitating the systematic evaluation process of each of the required periodic controls. 



Applus+ Certification is an independent entity of recognized prestige, both nationally and internationally, whose mission is to help organizations achieve their commitment to continuous improvement. The technical and personal competence of our auditors, well-recognised specialists in each sector of activity, do their work with utmost effort to ensure that the evaluation process provides maximum value, assessing the conformity of each of the centres and organizations in this sector. 


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