The Madrid Foundation for Competitiveness (La Fundación Madrid por la Competitividad) is part of the Regional Ministry of Economy, Employment and Competitiveness of the Community of Madrid (Comunidad de Madrid). Involved with the Foundation are the investment attraction agency Invest in Madrid, and its main instrument of public-private collaboration, Madrid Excelente.

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Focusing on the economic and business capabilities of the region, it has an integrated vision of the values of the Comunidad de Madrid and aims to add competitiveness to attract investment and improve economic development.

The Foundation brings its 20+ years of experience managing the Madrid Excelente mark to its work certifying the quality and excellence of companies in the region.  The quality guarantee is one of the thirty measures of the Madrid Regional Government's Reactivation Plan (Plan para la Reactivación del Gobierno de la Comunidad de Madrid).

Requirements for achieving the Madrid Excelente mark

The Madrid Foundation for Excellence lays the foundations that must be fulfilled in order to be awarded the Madrid Excelente mark. The aim of the Foundation is to improve the level of competitiveness among the companies that make up the business fabric of the region.

The Foundation’s activity is supported by an Advisory Council made up of leading companies that stand out as a benchmark in management. This council is responsible for advising on the different strategic trends in the different productive and business sectors.Interested parties must provide all the necessary documentation when submitting their application, either directly to the Foundation or through an entity specialising in certification.

The essential requirements to be met are:

  • To have a commercial office within the Comunidad de Madrid
  • To be a company at least 3 years’ old
  • To have a positive economic outlook
  • To have a perfectly implemented management system
  • To defend a corporate philosophy oriented towards the achievement of Total Quality

The modules of the quality mark cover the following areas of each organization:

  • Excellence
  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Consumer Confidence


The quality mark assesses the company's performance to certify that all business areas are compliant with the set standards. This means being able to offer clients and consumers the guarantee of good management and therefore provides confidence in the service.

It grants official recognition by the Comunidad de Madrid, which proves that the necessary requirements are met. The prestige of this brand is known throughout the region and it is a differentiating factor in comparison with competitors. It also helps to disseminate the activities carried out by companies holding the mark. At the internal management level, the benefits are reflected in different areas, as over time, tasks related to profitability, competitiveness and customer service are improved.


The standard can be applied to any company of any size, as long as the company complies with the set quality standards specific to the mark and proves its excellence in company management. 


Applus+ Certification, part of the Applus+ Group, specializes in the certification of management systems. We operate under the principles of independence and impartiality and help clients to fight corruption and bribery in their organizations by certifying rigorous compliance with the requirements of the standard. Our teams are multi-disciplinary and our professionals are experts in management systems auditing. 

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