The LEGAL or REGULATORY OCCUPATIONAL RISK PREVENTION AUDIT is a legal obligation, which according to article 30.6 of the Occupational Risk Prevention Law 31/1995, must be submitted to by every company that internally assumes any preventive specialities, either through one or more designated workers or through their own or joint prevention service.   

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The first legal audit will be carried out within twelve months after the preventive activity planning is available. This must be repeated every four years, except in the case of activities included in Annex I, in which case the period is two years. Independently, the statutory audit must be repeated when required by the Competent Labor Authority.  



  • The Regulatory or Statutory audit is an instrument for detecting deficiencies that may lead to non-compliance with the applicable regulations, thus allowing the adoption of corrective, follow-up and improvement actions.  
  • The audit carries out a systematic and objective documented analysis of the prevention system, including the following elements:  
  • Checking both the initial and the periodic risk assessments, analysing their results and verifying them 
  • Checking that the type and planning of preventive activities is compliant with the provisions of the general regulations and specific risks 
  • Analysing the adequacy of procedures and resources available for carrying out the necessary preventive activities 
  • Assessing the integration of prevention in the company's management and the effectiveness of the prevention system to identify, evaluate, correct and control occupational risks in all phases of the company's activity 


Why Applus+ Certification? 

Applus+ Certification is authorized as an auditing entity to carry out occupational risk prevention regulatory audits nationwide. We offer the possibility of performing the Occupational Risk Prevention Regulatory Audit together with the ISO 45001 certification in a single and integrated process, optimising audit times and, therefore, audit costs. As an independent entity of recognized prestige, Applus+ Certification aims to help organisations achieve their commitment to continuous improvement. We analyse our clients' needs so that our auditors, specialists in each sector of activity, can provide a service that provides maximum value when assessing the organisation's compliance.  

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