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What is the ISO 33001 standard? 


Organisations need certain coherent lines of work for assessing software processes. Measuring results and defining the level of maturity allows companies to set improvement strategies. The ISO/IEC 33001 is an international standard that offers a structured approach for assessing processes. It provides the tools needed to measure the evolution of a company over time and compare it with its competitors. The goal is to understand the status of the processes and set the criteria for improving and monitoring software development.

The ISO/IEC 33001 Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination (SPICE) standard is an update of the ISO 15504 series.

Who can obtain the ISO 33001 certification?


This international standard is useful mainly for software development companies and the organisations outsourcing these services.


What does the ISO 33001 certification bring to a company?  


Obtaining the ISO 33001 certification provides companies with a solid base to assess the capacity of software processes. In addition, companies that certify the quality of their software development processes with the ISO 33001 standard will be able to:

  • Implement a suitable software development management and organisational structure.
  • Implement an incidence response mechanism.
  • Showcase greater guarantees in software development.
  • Significantly improve the productivity and planning of software development.
  • Effectively deliver software.
  • Set criteria and maturity levels by means of managed processes.


Why become the ISO 33001 certified with Applus+ Certification?  


Applus+ Certification is an independent body of recognised prestige both at a national and international level. Our goal is to help organisations to fulfil their commitment to continuous improvement.

We analyse the needs of our clients in depth so our auditors can carry out the best service possible when verifying compliance with the ISO 33001 standard.

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