The health of employees may be directly or indirectly affected by the constant changes in the world of work and in the society in which it takes place, the progress made in work processes, the technical means used and the way of organising work.

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This evolution of work must be accompanied by changes and improvements in occupational health. It is not enough to watch over the physical work environment, other psychosocial factors and personal health practices must also be considered.  The solution is a model of healthy business management that is flexible and adaptable to the different social and cultural environments, the size and field of activity of the company, with the aim of providing organisations with practical and attainable guidelines for correctly managing work and its environment.

Following the criteria of the WHO, Quirón Prevención together with Applus created the System of Healthy Business Excellence (SEES), a certification of the Quirón Group that makes it possible to set apart companies that aim to:

  • Reduce physical risks
  • Reduce psychosocial risks and improve the work environment
  • Provide personal health resources in the work environment
  • Provide additional elements for improving health in the community



It allows organisations to have a healthy company, which means:

  • A direct contribution benefiting the company, which will make better use of its resources by decreasing the turnover of professionals, attracting new talent and creating connections with society that will help it attain a distinguished position.
  • An increase in the involvement, commitment and sense of belonging of its employees, who will become the main ambassadors of the company.
  • A clear improvement of the company's social perception.
  • Advantages for the employees, whose emotional and physical health and well-being will improve both inside and outside the work environment.
  • A positive influence on the whole of society by collaborating in improving the healthcare of the population and respect for the environment.



Any type of organisation that aspires to:

  • Receive recognition for the actions carried out in promoting the health and well-being of its employees.
  • Promote a healthy culture.


Applus+ Certification was the first entity authorised by the Quirón Group for certifying this framework of a Healthy Company. Applus+ Certification makes it possible to obtain the Healthy Company Certification by means of an audit that tests compliance with all the necessary aspects required to promote health in the work environment. The certificate provides the license to use the Healthy Company SEES brand.

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