Stamp developed by Fostering of Arts and Design (FAD) and Applus+ which distinguishes the quality of design in the hotel sector.

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The quality of hotel establishments is directly related to the care taken in the design of their interiors and of their products, and is therefore an area of improvement directly related to greater competitiveness, innovation and internal renovation within the hotel sector. The design quality is also a key element in the positioning of the hotels in the local market as well as in the global market.
In order to assess and certify the design quality in the hotel sector, FAD (Fostering of Arts and Design) and Applus+ Certification have jointly developed a stamp of quality that enables hotels to prove irrefutably that they offer the highest quality in interior and environmental design and graphic communication for the pleasure and greater well-being of their clients.
What is FAD Certification of Design Quality?
It is a standard of international scope unique in the world that is designed for hotel establishments, these being any company with lodging as its main activity, even though it may operate other complementary activities.
Its aim is to assess and distinguish, by means of a stamp of quality, the companies in the hotel industry that demonstrate the utmost excellence in the application of good design practices implemented in their interior decoration as well as in the graphic design of their establishments.
The certification has been developed by the Fostering of Arts and Design organization and with Applus+'s collaboration. The designers and experts at FAD and Applus+ assess the companies that want to obtain this stamp throughout the entire certification process, with the ultimate goal being that these establishments improve the quality of their design in all areas. Once they have obtained the certification, Applus+ will carry out follow-up audits to ensure that the quality in design is maintained thereafter.
What does the FAD Certification of Design Quality assess?
In the interior design evaluation, certain aspects are taken into consideration such as mobility and circulation, relationship between spaces, accessibility, impact on the environment, quality of materials, color and theme concept, art and artistic decoration, furniture, personality and coherence in style, ease of maintenance, lighting and brightness, energy efficiency, acoustics, temperature control, ventilation, and exterior image, among other aspects.
On the other hand, for the graphic design audit of the establishments, the following aspects are assessed: brand, corporate typography (identity and legibility), pictograms, the materials used, content effectiveness, stationary, publications (off and online), web page, the application of the designs in promotions, use of social networks, signage, environmental graphics, the graphics applied to the textile elements and bathroom amenities, gifts, personnel attire, and the parking lot.
About FAD
Fostering of Arts and Design (FAD) is a privately owned, non-profit and independent association, founded in 1903, with the goal of promoting design and architecture in the social, cultural and economic spheres.
Why with Applus+ Certification?
Applus+ Certification is an independent and renowned entity that aims to help organizations achieve their commitment to continuous improvement. We analyze the clients’ needs so that our auditors, who are specialists in each activity sector, perform a service that provides the maximum value upon evaluating your organization’s compliance. Our international presence, extensive product portfolio, and accreditations allow us to offer a global and expert service, tailored to your organization’s needs.

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