Hygiene and Control Protocols against COVID-19

Operating protocol certification due to the risks derived from COVID-19 in work centres and public establishments.

The extraordinary situation faced during the COVID-19 crisis has generated new requirements and demands regarding the need for cleanliness, hygiene, control and organization in every sector. Companies are developing and implementing their own hygiene and control protocols to gradually work up to the reincorporation of their personnel and to be prepared for new and existing customers.

Applus+ certification of hygiene and control protocols
The Applus+ experts have developed a specific certification system based on the guidelines and best practices recommended and implemented by public and private organizations, both nationally and internationally. This new certification scheme gathers key aspects and attributes that include the physical environment, basic hygienic measures, technical measures, organizational measures, employee monitoring and access control measures.
The certification of the operating protocols regarding the risks derived from COVID-19 is eminently practical and has a sector-wide approach, according to the nature of each sectors’ activities:
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Food vendors
  • Work places (offices and industrial sites)
  • Retail establishments
  • Other sectors

Certification process
Applus+ will analyse the companies’ protocols and verify their effectiveness against the specific certification system. After validating the protocol, an on-site audit will be conducted at the client’s facilities with the objective of assessing the effective implementation of the protocol’s requirements. The auditors will then create a report with their conclusions, as well as the possible deviations detected.
The Certification Commission will verify the audit report and make a decision over the concession of the certificate, which will be valid for a one-year period. Certified companies will receive a certificate and will be able to apply the Applus+ certification mark to their facilities, website and other formats, following the Applus+ Certification Brand Usage Guidelines.
Program benefits
This private certification standard provides the following benefits:
  • Generating trust in employees, clients and users of the organization.
  • Contributing to minimizing risks in organizations.
  • Being able to rely on an independent entity to verify the compliance of the hygiene and control protocols implemented by the organization.

Who can obtain the certification?
Any company or organization, from the public or private sector, that has implemented hygiene and control protocols and wants to generate trust in their clients and employees through an external evaluation carried out by an independent entity like Applus+.

Why choose Applus+ Certification to obtain a certificate?
Our teams of auditors are specialists in their activity sectors in order to grant the maximum value when auditing your organization. At Applus+ Certification, we help our clients in the continuous improvement of their internal guidelines and protocols.

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