The importance of protocols for action against COVID


    The public health crisis caused by COVID has made adopting new measures regarding hygiene, control and organization a necessity. Companies have put their own protocols in place to reduce risks and build trust. 

    In that regard, having experts at hand to verify the correct implementation of these good practices has helped us build trust among employees, clients and users.

    We cannot currently speak of areas completely free of microorganisms, or state that a specific space has no risk of contagion. What we can talk about is protocols and measures that, if correctly implemented, contribute to greatly reducing said risk.

    The Spanish multinational Applus+, one of the leading global companies in the inspection, testing and certification sector, has created the Hygiene and Control Protocols certification to support organizations in their efforts to keep COVID at bay. Applus+ experts have developed a referential framework based on the guidelines and best practices set out by public and private organizations, both nationally (such as the Ministry of Health) and internationally (the WHO and other go-to bodies).

    This framework defines the requirements that companies must meet to obtain the certification and includes hygienic, technical, organizational and control measures to reduce possible risks resulting from direct contact.

    The certification is eminently practical and has been developed taking into account the specifics of the different activities and organizations, from work centers and industrial plants to healthcare facilities and stores, among others.

    The Hygiene and Control Protocols certification, step by step

    1. First, our auditors verify the protocol designed by the client, to make sure that it meets the requirements defined in the Applus+ referential framework.
    2. Next, an exhaustive audit of the implementation of said protocol at the company’s facilities takes place. The results, and any deviations detected, are included in a detailed report.
    3. Finally, after passing the audit and resolving any potential deviations, the company receives the certificate and is free to use the Applus+ certification mark at its facilities, on its corporate website, etc.

    A high quality global and inclusive solution

    Many of our clients have already obtained the certification, including important healthcare organizations, banking institutions, airlines, hotel and restaurant chains, public transport and shipbuilding companies, among others.

    The certification was developed in Spain and has been adapted for Latin America, taking into account the different scenarios present in Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Chile.

    Additionally, Applus+ has established a collaboration agreement with Quirónprevención for the certification of the COVID-19 Secure Protocol by Quirónprevención. Aligning the requirements of both certifications has made it possible for any organization that obtains Quiron’s certification to obtain the Applus+ one as well, at no extra cost.

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