Applus+ Certification Expands Its Scope for Certifying Research, Development, and Innovation Projects


    The 25th of July 2024 is the deadline for companies with projects in research, development, and innovation (R&D+i) to request their motivated reports. A crucial step is the project certification as stipulated by Royal Decree 1432/2003.

    Why is it important to obtain the motivated report?

    To take advantage of the benefits established in Article 35 of the Corporate Tax Law, it is advisable to obtain a Binding Motivated Report, issued by the Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICINN).

    To obtain this report, a certificate issued by an entity accredited by ENAC, such as Applus+ Certification, must be presented. This certification is key to obtaining tax benefits for carrying out research and development and technological innovation activities (R&D+i).

    Our Capabilities and Experience in R&D+i Project Certification

    Recently at Applus+ Certification, we have expanded our certification capabilities with 11 new sectors in the field of science and technology.

    • 2201 Acoustics: Enhancing the development of sound technologies and their applications across various industries.
    • 2303 Inorganic Chemistry: Facilitating advances in material science and broad industrial applications.
    • 2306 Organic Chemistry: Supporting innovations in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and chemical manufacturing.
    • 2401 Animal Biology (Zoology): Promoting research that contributes to biodiversity conservation and ecological studies.
    • 2414 Microbiology: Pioneering advances in health, agriculture, and environmental sustainability.
    • 2510 Oceanography: Enabling deeper research into marine environments and their impact on global ecosystems.
    • 3101 Agrochemicals: Optimizing chemical applications in agriculture to enhance crop performance and sustainability.
    • 3103 Agronomy: Focusing on improving agricultural practices and production.
    • 3321 Coal and Petroleum Technology: Innovating for more efficient and environmentally friendly energy solutions.
    • 3323 Railway Technology: Advancing the safety, efficiency, and reliability of railway systems.
    • 3328 Technological Processes: Covering a wide spectrum of essential technological and manufacturing innovations for industrial growth.

    These additions not only extend our ability to certify a wider variety of projects but also ensure that Applus+ Certification remains at the forefront in supporting technological and scientific progress.

    For more information about our R&D+i project certification services, contact our team of experts.

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