New course offering: SAE v.3 (Self-control System for the export to third countries)


    Description of the course: Royal Decree 993/2014 establishes the procedure and requirements of the official veterinarian certification towards exportation. Companies that make foods from animal origin or that contain animal products, that wish to export to another country, must take into account the additional requirements applicable for trade within the European Union and implement an Audited System of Self-control (SAE). An independent control entity must certify the SAE to guarantee the compliance of the products with the additional requirements.


    • Learn how to implement, revise, and update an SAE according to the requirements of Royal Decree 993/2014
    • Learn about the changes in version 3 as well as its implementation and practical applications.

    Methodology: This course is taught via webinar format in real-time, with a qualified SAE auditor, over the course of five hours.
    Capacity: 15 attendants (max.)
    Accreditation: Attendants will receive an accredited attendance diploma


    • Course presentation
    • Brief reminder of basic SAE system concepts: DAC, CVR, Specification Sheet…)
    • Changes and updates on basic elements
    • General aspects: audits, types of audit, new audits, and changes in the deviation classification.
    • OIC changes (certification transfer)
    • Seal management. Countries that require auto sealing. 
    • Shipment formation procedure. Updates.
    • Key 30 accreditation: origin Spain
    • Trader/Warehouse PT (no SAE)
    • List inclusión procedure
    • Questions and queries (practical cases)


    Date and time

    • Thursday, October 7. 9:00 to 14:00 (5 hours) 

    Price: 165€ (+21%VAT) 
    Platform: Microsoft Teams. Link provided with the inscription. 
    Inscriptions and info

    • Carmen N. Rodríguez Blánquez 
    • Mail:
    • M: +34 669 301 268