New course of Internal Auditor ISO 28000:2008 in Security Management Systems for the supply chain and Authorized OEA Operator ISO 19011:2018 in Colombia


    Launch date: 25th October 2021
    Duration: 50 Hours
    Method: Online
    Price: COP $1.560.000*
    *There are special discounts for early payment, groups, existing clients etc. 


    To acquire the necessary skills to lead teams for internal audits of Security Management Systems. The course is focused on the supply chain, according to directives of the ISO 19011:2018 standard, using as reference scope the requirements of ISO 28000:2008 and the Colombian OEA program.

    At the end of the program, participants will be able to:

    a)    Program and execute internal audits of supply chain Security Systems according to ISO 28000 and the OEA program
    b)    Propose security improvements 
    c)    Evaluate the conformity of these systems in the organization’s suppliers
    d)    Participate in conformity diagnosis 
    e)    Understand the responsibilities and functions of the auditors
    f)    Plan and conduct audits according to ISO 19011, demonstrating skills for:

    • Collecting objective evidence through interviews, observation, sampling and effective note taking
    • Analysing and comprehending information according to conformity requirements
    • Reporting audits, including the non-conforming parts, with added value and objectivity 
    • Follow-up, including evaluating the effectivity of corrective actions
    • Creating and writing management audit reports



    The certificate is valid for over 70 countries where Applus+ is located. It is also recognized under the learning scheme Applus+ LGAI (Registro Internacional APPLUS+ CORPORATION).

    Our more-than-110 years of existence vouch for it.


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