IRTA authorises Applus+ to certify its Animal Welfare scheme based on Welfare Quality®


    IRTA (Catalonian Institute of Agri-food Research and Technology) has published a list of certification bodies which have been approved to certify its Animal Welfare scheme. Applus+ Certification was among the first to join the scheme.

    These regulations are based on Welfare Quality®, and their corresponding IRTA accreditation ensures that good animal welfare practices are followed in the production of animals reared on Spanish farms, as well as the slaughter and traceability of animals and products. 


    The Animal Welfare certificate ensures good practices which improve the quality of the product and offer consumers full information and transparency. 
    Consequently, the main distribution channels operating in Spain have wanted to go beyond compliance with current legislation and request this certificate from their suppliers of meat, eggs and milk. 



    Auditing this scheme involves checking that legislation is being followed and analysing the condition of the animals based on a sample group taken from the farm or the slaughterhouse. This model looks at parameters which can be grouped under four main principles of animal welfare:

    • Proper diet
    • Proper shelter
    • Good health
    • Appropriate behaviour for species-specific needs 

    Applus+ Certification is a certification body accredited by ENAC (C-PR-040) and approved by IRTA, with auditors who are qualified to certify the Animal Welfare Regulations.

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