The IFS Broker Upgrade to Version 3.1, already mandatory


    IFS Broker has updated its certification scheme to version 3.1. In addition, its doctrine has been aligned with the IFS Food v.7 standard and with the GFSI 2020.1 reference requirement. This certification aims to guarantee and provide a regulatory framework for the services of commercial agencies, importers and brokers in relation to the quality and safety of products.

    As of 1st October 2021, this new version is mandatory for all audits carried out under the IFS Broker scheme.

    The main change is the new scoring system, already applied in IFS Food v.7, introducing the "B" assessment as a focus point. Other changes are mainly focused on revising the requirements for brokers and their obligations, packaging, complaint handling, and the fight against food fraud. On top of this, new definitions and additional requirements are added to the previous version.



    Furthermore, the report, the certificate and some of the accreditation requirements have been modified, also in alignment with IFS Food version 7. The complete list of changes (added or modified) according to IFS is as follows:

    1. Clarifications regarding:

    • Performing audits after a failed audit
    • An update to the Remote Protocol that makes it possible to perform an initial audit fully remotely
    • Rules for the creation of COIDs

    2. New content related to the Doctrine:

    • Initial audit and first audit according to the new version
    • Which version of IFS Broker should be applied in specific situations
    • Form for extraordinary information to be filled in by accreditation bodies
    • Clarification of the scope of the IFS Broker audit
    • Clarification of logistics activities for externally produced and/or traded products 
    • Bulk products.
    • New definition on claims
    • Update of the IFS Auditor training to IFS Broker 3.1 version
    • Headquarter information in the certificate
    • Registration of audits according to IFS Broker 3.1 standards
    • The time margin for conducting audits

    The benefits of having an IFS certification include more efficient management of resources and, in general, compliance with stricter regulations that demonstrate a commitment to excellence.

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