GlobalG.A.P. version 5.2. Key changes for crop production


    This standard has been updated to bring it into line with the latest version of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI 7.2) as well as to improve and clarify certain points. The National Interpretation Guideline (NIG) will also be updated during the course of 2019.

    The GlobalG.A.P. General Regulations IFA Version 5.2 for agricultural production was published in February 2019 and replaces version 5.1 of the standard. Certified operators are required to adapt their procedures for audits taking place on or after 1st August 2019.
    Below we detail the key changes that agricultural producers must implement in order to comply with GlobalG.A.P. version 5.2:

    • The new version requires a documented procedure for the identification of non-conforming products, their quarantining and their labelling according to the destination, the nature of the issue and/or customer requirements. This change applies to all producers


    • Fruit and vegetable producers must carry out a risk assessment related to the on- and off-farm transportation of their products (both harvested and packaged), their vehicles and any allergens. In addition, the product’s final packaging must be labelled in accordance with food regulations in the country of intended sale as well as with customer requirements. Such labelling must also detail allergens as per the requirements in force in the countries of production and destination, taking into account the risk of cross-contamination


    • For producers of plant propagation material, version 5.2 of the standard stipulates that in order for a nursery to sell this material as certified, it must have been grown by them for at least three months prior to its sale. Where the propagation cycle is shorter than three months, the nursery must have been involved for at least two-thirds of the cycle in order to be able to sell the material as certified


    • Members of a certified group can request a declaration from the group of producers demonstrating that they belong to said group as long as they are listed in the certificate’s annexes

    The new version 5.2 documents can be found on the GlobalG.A.P. website.

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