Applus+ Certification (LGAI Technological Center SA) is No. 1 in CDM verifications


    For another year, Applus+ Certification has the highest number of CDM certifications according to the latest public UNFCCC Annual Activity Report!

    What is the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)?  

    The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) was agreed to in 1997 in the Kyoto Protocol which provided for the landmark market-based carbon emissions reduction system to incentivise countries to cut back on greenhouse gas emissions.   

    The UNFCCC CDM Executive Board issues Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) to projects that manage to comply with the standards set out in the protocol. These CERs act like carbon credits that can be traded and sold.  

    Applus+ Certification’s Leading Role  

    Applus+ Certification has been leading the way with both the validation and verification of Climate change mitigation projects, boasting over 200 projects in the last year. The majority of these are verifications, where Applus+ Certification issues a certification report to the project for them to present to the CDM board.  

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