Automotive industry quality management system certification

The automotive industry's demands throughout its supply chain have required the establishment of their own standard for the mass production of components and replacement parts. This certification is essential for direct suppliers of vehicle manufacturers and may be a requirement for any supplier within the supply chain.

What is ISO TS 16949?

The ISO 16949 standard is the quality management standard recognized in the automotive industry and includes a process management model that is specific, approved by consensus and recognized in the automotive industry. Any company that produces components or systems that will end up in cars, trucks, motorcycles or buses, is susceptible to this certification.
The ISO TS 16949 certification must be performed by an independent entity accredited by the International Automotive Task Force (IATF). For proper implementation and maintenance, the certified organization must have staff trained in the interpretation of IATF's standard.

Benefits of ISO TS 16949

  • Contribute to the compliance with the entry requirements for the automotive industry supply chains
  • Ensure a management model with proven effectiveness and efficiency
  • Reduce or eliminate non-quality costs
  • Reduce client audits
  • Promote continuous improvement dynamics within the organization
  • Enhance management and staff involvement in the quality system and improves the relationship between departments and/or processes

Why with Applus+ Certification?

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