Applus+ certifies ENDESA INGENIERÍA acording to ISO 50001 standard


    Energy management certification is relevant to projects linked to street lighting, industrial facilities, buildings and electric mobility, amongst other things.

    On 17th July 2014, Endesa Ingeniería was accorded ISO 50001:2011 certification at its Avenida Montes Sierra site in Seville. Federico Martinez, Director of Institutional Relations at Applus+ Certification, presented the certificate to Ricardo Perez, Endesa’s Technical Services Manager.
    The ISO 50001:2011 standard sets out the requirements for energy management systems, whose aim is to help organisations to improve and optimise their energy performance on an ongoing basis.
    The certificate issued to Endesa Ingeniería covers all of the company’s energy-efficiency activities, from consultancy to maintenance work, in fields including street lighting, industrial facilities, buildings and electric mobility, for both the public and private sectors.
    The company’s accreditation under this scheme serves as a guarantee for all clients and potential clients who turn to Endesa Ingeniería to carry out these types of project. Endesa’s clients will see how its activities result in ever-improving energy performance under the banners of efficiency, safety, use and, therefore, consumption with no consequent decline in service availability.
    With this certification, Endesa Ingeniería is making a public commitment to energy efficiency since the very act of being certified engenders a requirement for annual monitoring and re-certification on the part of Applus+. As such, the scheme ensures the existence of a dynamic management system, the setting of targets, the creation of an action plan to meet them and continuous improvement.
    Endesa Ingeniería is a member of the Endesa Group. It is not only Spain’s biggest electricity company, but also the first private electricity provider in Latin America.